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Eating An Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skull Is The Most Metal Way To Celebrate Halloween

Someone needs to hand these out to kids.

Someone needs to hand these out to kids.

Have you ever been in the mood for chocolate, but in a morbid kind of way? Black Chocolate Company has you covered! The company makes skulls out of Belgian chocolate, each weighing about 3.3 pounds. Each skull is handcrafted for the individual customer too and you have a choice of dark chocolate, chilli chocolate, caramel chocolate or milk chocolate for the skull.

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According to their website, the skulls will pretty much keep in tact (and not gross) as long as you store them in a cool, dry area. Fucking metal! The company explains a bit further how they're made.

"As these skulls are hand cast, individual and unique, each will show differing characteristics (the skull shown with the cracked brow, for example) and we feel that this adds to each skull's individual charm. With that said, any showing signs of moulding defects are of course melted down and recast.  Some skulls may show evidence of what could appear to be mould, but in actual fact this is chocolate bloom, or 'blooming', an inherent part of the casting process which does not affect the chocolate in any way (and only adds to the skull's gnarly, 'fresh from the ground' look)."

Each skull is made to order and they're about $121 each… but who cares? This is hands down the most metal chocolate we've ever seen! I hope someone with way, way too much money orders a bunch and hands them out at Halloween. Get you one right here!

[via Dangerous Minds]

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