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Magician CRISS ANGEL's Metal Past Is A POISON Knock-Off With 100% More Magic Tricks!

Most of you probably know Criss Angel as a world famous magician, but how many of you kept up with his rocking music career the last couple decades? I thought so.

Perhaps you've seen Angel's music video for his TV show Mindfreak, or maybe even the behind the scenes video with song collaborator Jonathan Davis of Korn.

Maybe you were once a fan of his industrial band Angeldust, featuring Celldweller's Klay Scott and this nauseating video they released to the world.

Who knows, maybe you've contemplated suicide in the early 90's and the only thing that stopped you was Criss Angel's bicycle shorts in yet another music video.

But have you ever wondered what the hell Angel did in the 80's, when The Amazing Johnathan was the coolest cat around? Have you ever wondered what a Poison knock off video would look like with 100% more magic tricks? Or what color spandex he wore before he found his bicycle shorts? Well this video pretty much covers all your questions, and guys… all the magic that appears in this video is genuine!

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