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Black Metal Artist Reimagines Corporate Logos To Make Them Grimmer

Posted by on November 6, 2013 at 11:49 am

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You might not know the artist Christophe Szpadjel, but you absolutely know his logo work! Since 1977, Szpadjel has apparently designed over 7,000 logos for black metal bands like Emperor, Moonspell, Old Man's Child, and Arcturus. Apparently, he got bored and doodled up some corporate logos in the same fashion as his work in black metal. The results are pretty interesting.

Big ups to Fastcodesign.com for getting all these logos done up by Szpadjel and posting them. If you want to see more of Szpadjel's work, check out his Facebook page.

Some of them are pretty damn cool, while others might not exactly be "black metal" per se… but you can still appreciate them! Check it out:

3020926-slide-scan0005 3020926-slide-twitter3020926-slide-microsoft 3020926-slide-apple3020926-slide-prada

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