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ANTHRAX Seriously Release Limited Edition Ugly Hannukah Sweater

Jews need ugly sweaters too!

Jews need ugly sweaters too!

Two years ago, I ranted that ugly metal Christmas sweaters have officially jumped the shark. Things slowed down last year and I felt like the trend has passed.

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So leave it to Anthrax to come in two years too late with a limited-edition Hannukah sweater. Scott Ian is of course one of metal's most famous Jews, so this makes sense, kind of…

Bring the MOSHukkah, it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah! This official Anthrax sweatshirt is limited to only 300 pieces…

Posted by Anthrax on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Here's where things get a little weird… this design was first created by our buddy Axl Rosenberg at MetalSucks, where he just photoshopped another Hannukah sweater design. I'm curious if Anthrax went through the proper channels and paid for the legal right to distribute this design or if they just jacked it. If so, that's not being in the holiday spirit is it?

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