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We Won A MTV Online Music Award!

Posted by on June 28, 2012 at 10:29 am

We fuckin' did it! Metal Injection can lay claim to the 2012 MTV Online Music Award in the "Beyond The Blog" category, all thanks to you, the junkies. Thanks so much to all of you who took a few minutes to vote for us. We're not sure what winning this means, if anything at all, but we're honored to even be considered, beating out the NPR iPad app and the super-funny Nardwaur. The award show kicked off at midnight and is still going down apparently. Our award win was announced at around 4:20 in the morning, and since we have never even been contacted by MTV at all about this award (and we were pre-occupied with some bonging), Chris Pontius of Jackass fame took it upon himself to accept for us. Unfortunately, he wasn't in full Party Boy attire at the time. Here is video of Pontius accepting for us:

Thanks, Chris! And, if we were asked to, we would've totally accepted the award and made some controversial statement like Kanye West did, except more metal. In fact here is what our acceptance speech would be:

Metal Injection would not exist without the early Headbangers Ball, which served as a huge inspiration to us. So I want to thank MTV for giving up on metal so that we can swoop right in and take over. Without your indifference for the genre I and so many others love, I would not be able to make a living off doing this. At least our buddy Jose Mangin is reppin' as much as he can with Headbangers on mtv2.com. Thank you for recognizing. Real recognizes real! Of course, I need to thank all the metal injection junkies who voted, because without our legions of spammers, you'd be seeing Narwall right now and who REALLY wants to see a Canadian win anything?

Thanks again to everybody who voted! If you'd like to watch the On The Record series mentioned in the video, check it out here.

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