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What if women fought back to exact a terrible revenge?

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Myrkur, Cirith Ungol, Anglus Apathida, and Go Ahead and Die.

Tour Dates

Basically the entire fourth quarter of 2024.

New Music

So says vocalist Sharon den Adel.

Latest News

"Artists have opinions. That's what art is for. That's what makes it interesting."

Metal Merch

The symphonic goths will project their vision in vibrant color this spring.

Tour Dates

Here's hoping the fourth time is the charm, right?

New Music

Featuring German metalcore band Annisokay.

Latest News

Members of Asking Alexandria, Kobra and the Lotus, Subterranean Masquerade, and more!

New Music

"'The Purge' revolves around self-reflection and a search for redemption."

New Music

Evanescence has invited some of "rock's top women" for a massive collaboration of empowerment called "Use My Voice." And, it sounds great. The press release...

Live Footage

15 songs and over an hour's worth of footage!

Tour Dates

Smash Into Pieces will also be there.


Dutch symphonic metal group Within Temptation are on the rise again. They are about to release their seventh studio album Resist, their first since...

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