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THOU Announces Two EPs And A Full-Length Album For 2018

Posted by on June 1, 2018 at 2:47 pm

Thou took the metal world by surprise earlier this year by releasing a 35-minute EP called The House Primordial. Everyone was stoked, the EP was awesome, and we all rightfully assumed that was probably the last we'd hear from Thou this year. Except it's totally not.

Thou has now announced two new EP releases – Inconsolable for June 29 and Rhea Sylvia for July 27 – as well as a full-length album called Magus. You can check out "Fallow State" from Inconsolable, "The Only Law" from Rhea Sylvia, and "The Changeling Prince" from Magus all below. Pre-order Inconsolable, Rhea Sylvia, and Magus at the appropriate links.

As a quick aside, it's interesting to see what Thou are labeling as EP releases here. Both Inconsolable and Rhea Sylvia could absolutely pass as shorter LP releases, but as we've seen with Nine Inch Nails, those labels don't mean anything strict.

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