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KORN's Bassist To Play 15-String Basses And More On His Solo Bass Album

Posted by on October 12, 2016 at 12:47 pm

I'll be dead honest and admit that I never even considered that Korn bassist Fieldy loves bass enough to come out with a solo album. Dude's definitely got his own distinctive thing on going, but would I listen to an entire solo album of Fieldy bassing it up? I have no idea, but apparently we'll find out sometime soon.

Field tells Weld For Birmingham that he's got a jazz fusion album called Bassically coming out, and he's gonna go all out for it.

I’ve been working on it. I’m actually almost finished. I’m having Marco, who’s our sound guy and who is also a mixer, he’s going to mix my bass album in November. I’m doing some final touches on it. So that’ll be out. It’s a musically ride. It’s all instrumental. I play 15-string bass, fretless basses — every kind of bass you can think of, Fender jazz, whatever. I don’t even know if we could name all the basses I played on there. It takes you on a ride. Jazz fusion, punk, Latin, blues, reggae… I don’t even know if I even left any style of music out. As much as I could put on there. That’s how it is. It’s just an instrumental album.

So… we'll see. Will it be some legitimately awesome jazz playing? Or just Korn jams with the rest of Korn surrounding Fieldy?

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