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CULT OF LUNA Teases Studio Time for New Album

Posted by on January 3, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Cult Of Luna has spent the better part of the last two years promoting and occasionally touring on their very well-received collaborative album with Julie Christmas titled Mariner. We also know, thanks to vocalist Johannes Persson, that Cult Of Luna has been working on new material ever since December 2017, though the band never revealed if it would be another effort with Christmas or not.

Persson, meanwhile, reports that Cult of Luna are beginning to work on ideas for the follow-up to Mariner, and they already have a firm album concept in mind. "The last few records have been this kind of continuous journey from the forest to the sky," he says. "And I know where we're going after this."

And just where, exactly, might that be?

"That remains to be revealed," Persson says cryptically. "But we're writing now. So you'll find out … hopefully."

While the details are still murky, Cult Of Luna has made it extremely clear that they're in the studio right now recording that new material. Cult Of Luna has also deleted all social media posts and are only featuring photos of themselves in the studio right now. This new effort will be Cult Of Luna's first non-collaborative release since 2013's Vertikal and Vertikal II if it ends up not featuring Christmas.

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