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Help All-Robot Band COMPRESSORHEAD Build A Robot Vocalist

Posted by on November 30, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Compressorhead has made headlines here and there, what with it being an all-robot band that does some solid covers. Now the band is looking for your help in the form of a Kickstarter to raise $318,445 to build a lead singer and to record an album of all originals. There's not much time left on the clock for the Kickstarter and the band is only hovering around $50,000, so it's pretty much only a matter of "how close can Compressorhead get" at this point. Here's what the band had to say.

"In our workshop, the production wheels are steaming, as we prepare for the first record with our own music, which will be composed and recorded by no one less than John Wright, the punk rock legend of Nomeansno and The Hanson Brothers. At the same time, a singer robot is about to be engineered over the coming months.

"We aim to release and premiere both, the new 'four-member band' show as well as the Compressorhead record in summer 2016 at next year's Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany."

Still an all-robot band fronted by a robot would be really interesting. Would the robot have its own programmed voice and that's how it would sing? Plus, an all-originals punk album from a band of robots could have some great lyrical content, maybe touching on the robot uprising and some "kill all humans" bits. At least one can hope, right?

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