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Fenriz Made A Mixtape of His Favorite Releases of 2015 So Far, And It's Awesome, Obviously.

Posted by on April 2, 2015 at 4:53 pm

Legendary Darkthrone founder Fenriz is getting into the podcasting game. Unofficially, at least. Fenriz loves to make mixtapes and has previously done so for Vice, Peaceville Records and national radio in Norway, but now he's "starting his own radio show" and he launched the first episode on Soundcloud.

Fenriz states at the top of the show that he wanted to play some of the best music he's heard in 2015, and warned that he only listened to about 130 released so far this year, and this is a compilation of the best of what he's heard so far. Naturally, everything absolutely rips. Fenriz would never let you down with his picks!

And here's the playlist:

01 DEATHHAMMER warrriors of evil
02 NOCTERNITY harps of the ancient temples
03 PARASYTES blood sucker
04 SEREMONIA luciferin lapset
05 SACRAL RAGE en cima del mal
06 TRIBULATION holy libations
07 VASSAFOR phoenix of the maelstrom
08 ACID KING comingg down from outer space
09 CRYPT SERMON byzantium
10 EUROPE days of rocknroll
11 GOUGE wretched passion
12 THE HAUNTING PRESENCE tampering with the presence of YOU
13 GOAT SEMEN genocido
14 HIC IACET the cosmic trance into the void
15 INCULTER death domain.

Early prediction: Goat Semen will make everybody's list!

We'll keep you posted if Fenriz decides to post any more of these.

[h/t to Josh Lloyd for the heads up]

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