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IRON MAIDEN Sue "Ion Maiden" Game Makers for $2 Million

Iron Maiden want to get paid.

Iron Maiden want to get paid.

3D Realms made some games you may have heard of in the past, such as Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. They recently launched a new game called "Ion Maiden." This upset Iron Maiden and they decided to sue the game makers for $2 million.

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The band claims confusion in the marketplace.

The suit implies that the title of the game is “incredibly blatant” trademark infringement trying to "trade off of Iron Maiden’s notoriety.” The band claims the game will "cause confusion among consumers" and notes that the game “is nearly identical to the Iron Maiden trademark in appearance, sound and overall commercial impression.” For the record, here is the game's logo, which does not remind me of Iron Maiden too much, but I guess I wouldn't be classified as a casual gamer:

Maiden also makes the claim that "Ion Maiden" bares too strong a resemblance to their own mobile game, Legacy of the Beast. They even try to link the main character of the game, Shelley Harrison, to Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.

Naturally, they claim the skull in the logo is a rip off of their mascot Eddie.

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3D Realms has responded to the suit, calling it frivolous:

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