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WORMED Streams "Automaton Virtulague", Announces First New Record Since 2016

Get launched into space.

Wormed is back to launch your ass clean into another dimension. Wormed is now streaming "Automaton Virtulague" from their first new record in six years Omegon, due out July 5. The video for "Automaton Virtulague" was created by Polyhedron with concepting and post-production by Phlegeton Art Studio.

On the concept of Omegon, Wormed's label Season Of Mist offers: "They continue the story of Krigshu, a timeline hacker entangled in manipulation by cosmic forces. As viciously as the aggression they bring on their technically impressive instruments, Krigshu battles his way to unlock the mysteries of Omegon, a mysterious cosmic substance holding ultimate power. With 9 tracks of ultimate interstellar chaos, a story unfolds and Wormed prove yet again that they reign supreme on the technical death metal genre."

Omegon was recorded at BlackStorm Studios and mixed and mastered to perfection by Colin Marston. Pre-orders are available here.

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