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WILL RAMOS Posts One-Take Vocal Performance Of LORNA SHORE's "Immortal"

And he nails it.

Vocalist Will Ramos has just posted his one-take performance of Lorna Shore's "Immortal" and it's… well, it's Will Ramos. If you've ever seen the dude on stage with Lorna Shore, then it's not surprising how good he is. And just to be clear, Ramos also points out in the description of the video "This is a one take performance, there are no doubles, no layers, no edits."

"Hey guys! I'm so happy I'm finally done with touring for the next few months!" said Ramos. "Now it's time to back to the grind wheel; I'm excited to get back to work on some new vocal content. In the meantime, here's a playthrough of our song, 'Immortal' I put together the other day.

"I've had a lot of requests for this song/album (most of which have been uploaded to Patreon) so i found it fitting to do a quick one-take playthrough of the title track!"

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