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What Are BOBBY BLITZ's Favorite OVERKILL Records?

How does he keep Overkill fresh after all these years? What were the band's early shows like?

Frank Godla sits down with Bobby Blitz of Overkill to discuss the incredible work ethic of the band, the secret behind keeping their relationship together and interesting, writing lyrics for 20 albums, personal hardships, his favorite Overkill records, how he re-wrote the lyrics for Scorched, why they never left NJ, and much more!

00:00 – Reminiscing About Old NY/NJ Shows
02:45 – Why Overkill works hard at releasing new music constantly
06:14 – The secret behind keeping it interesting for the band
07:33 – The challenge of writing lyrics 20 albums deep
10:48 – How young Blitz would feel about Blitz today
13:07 – How his personal hardships and health changed his career
15:00 – His most prized Overkill albums
18:00 – Why the band goes back to Colin Richardson each decade
20:38 – Why Scorched took a while to release
22:52 – Why he rewrote the lyrics on the new LP
24:23 – Writing for the next record
24:53- The close relationship between Bobby and DD all the years later
28:36 – Why they have never left NJ
29:40 – Getting into newer bands

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