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Wes Cage 2023

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WES CAGE, Son Of NICHOLAS CAGE, Streams Hooky New Track "The Wolf"

As catchy as much as it is driving.

It's no secret Wes Cage is a metal fan, and even performed in a black metal band called Eyes Of Noctum back in the day. Now Cage is trading in corpse paint for beefy beats and even bigger hooks with his new solo single "The Wolf".

"I hope this song resonates with the masses and is embraced as a symbolic work of art that encourages triumph and hope," said Cage of the single. "'The Wolf' is about the spiritual dichotomy of the higher and lower self."

"The Wolf" comes alongside a cinematic music video directed by Vicente Cordero and produced by Glitter And Gold Media, which showcases the duality of Cage's character and the awareness of balancing both in everyday life. A point made all the more salient considering Cage's battles with addiction and his being an advocate for recovery.

"In the video, I play the two contrasting incarnations of the same character. His lower self, in his case, is one of destitution, zero self control, addiction, oblivion and failure, while his higher self is depicted through a being who is of power, elevation, awareness, organization and overall success. Both forces live in us all."

Stream "The Wolf" here.

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