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Black Crowes Guitar Smash

Live Footage

Watch THE BLACK CROWES' Guitarist Bash Some Stage-Invading Moron With His Guitar

Stop running on stage while artists are playing. Stop.

Sigh, here we go again – another moron decided they'd make a show all about themselves by running on stage and disrupting the entire night.

This time it was at a Black Crowes show in Melbourne, Australia when some dude ran side-to-side on the stage. The dude narrowly avoided getting whacked by Chris Robinson's mic stand, and then didn't avoid Rich Robinson's guitar at all. There was a further exchange of words between the dude and the band before things carried on, because why stop ruining everyone's night after getting tossed from the stage

And look, I'm not saying anyone deserves to get assaulted, especially with something like a guitar. But what I am saying is that when you run on stage, the artist doesn't know what your intentions are or what you're about to do, and they're going to make a snap decision to defend themselves and get the person off the stage by whatever means available. In this case, a guitar.

It also looks like Rich stops himself from really whaling on the guy after security slows him down. Though the crazy thing is that it seems the guy fights off security and then tries to come back for Chris Robinson, at which point Rich has had enough. I mean, the real moral of the story here is that this could've been avoided by the dude just… staying in the crowd.

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