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Rammstein 2023

Live Footage

Watch: RAMMSTEIN Broke Out Two Deep Cuts & Debuted A Zeit Song Live

"Rammlied" and "Bestrafe mich" have made their return.

Rammstein played their first show of 2023 at the Vingio Parkas in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 20 and they had a few surprises for fans. Rammstein opened with the Liebe ist für alle da track "Rammlied", marking its first appearance since 2011, and later played "Bestrafe mich" from Sehnsucht for the first time since 2001. The Zeit track "Giftig" also got its live debut at the show.

The full show ran as follows:

  1. "Rammlied"
  2. "Links 2 3 4"
  3. "Bestrafe Mich"
  4. "Giftig"
  5. "Sehnsucht"
  6. "Mein Herz Brennt"
  7. "Puppe"
  8. "Zeit"
  9. "Deutschland"
  10. "Radio"
  11. "Mein Teil"
  12. "Du Hast"
  13. "Sonne"
  14. "Ohne Dich"
  15. "Engel"
  16. "Ausländer"
  17. "Du riechst so gut"
  18. "Pussy"
  19. "Rammstein"
  20. "Ich Will"
  21. "Adieu"

In semi-related news, Rammstein is revisiting their 1997 album Sehnsucht with a newly remastered version coming on June 9. The new version of Sehnsucht will feature:

  • The entire album remastered in HD sound
  • A new mix of the track "Spiel mit mir"
  • All new packaging designed by the original artwork designer Dirk Rudolph
  • A 40-page booklet featuring unpublished and re-edited photos by artist Gottfried Helnwein
  • An embossed silver foil slipcase

Pre-orders for the anniversary edition of Sehnsucht here. As far as the popularity of Sehnsucht, it spawned three of the band's massive hits – "Du hast", "Bück dich", and "Engel". The album has sold over one million copies in the United States alone.

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