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Live Footage

Watch MIDNIGHT's Entire Performance At Rock Hard Festival 2022

As blackened as it is shreddy.

Midnight is now streaming their absolutely filthy performance filmed live at Rock Hard Festival 2022. Check that out above and make sure you go check out their cover of Motörhead's classic "Dirty Love" here. It, like Midnight's original music, shreds very hard.

  1. "Vomit Queens" 00:00
  2. "Poison Trash" 04:32
  3. "Evil Like A Knife" 08:02
  4. "Fucking Speed And Darkness" 11:43
  5. "Rebirth By Blasphemy" 15:46
  6. "Penetratal Ecstasy" 18:58
  7. "Lust Filth And Sleaze" 23:13
  8. "Satanic Royalty" 26:35
  9. "Black Rock 'N' Roll" 29:41
  10. "Szex Witchery" 32:46
  11. "Prowling Leather" 36:29
  12. "Telepathic Nightmare" 40:14
  13. "You Can't Stop Steel" 43:49
  14. "Who Gives A Fuck?" 47:14
  15. "Unholy And Rotten" 50:30

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