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Alexander The Great

Live Footage

Watch: IRON MAIDEN Played "Alexander The Great" For The First Time Ever, Broke Out Tons Of Deep Cuts

Living up to the Time Machine tour name.

Iron Maiden kicked off their Future Past Tour, which showcases the band playing songs from their most recent album Senjutsu and 1986 classic Somewhere In Time, on May 28 at Arena Stožice in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The band broke out some seriously deep cuts from both albums, including the long-awaited debut of their song (and Somewhere In Time closer) "Alexander The Great".

The show ran as follows:

  1. "Caught Somewhere In Time" (first time since 1987)
  2. "Stranger In A Strange Land" (first time since 1999)
  3. "The Writing On The Wall"
  4. "Days Of Future Past" (live debut)
  5. "The Time Machine" (live debut)
  6. "The Prisoner" (first time since 214)
  7. "Death Of The Celts" (live debut)
  8. "Can I Play With Madness" (first time since 214)
  9. "Heaven Can Wait" (first time since 28)
  10. "Alexander The Great" (live debut)
  11. "Fear Of The Dark"
  12. "Iron Maiden"
  13. "Hell On Earth" (live debut)
  14. "The Trooper"
  15. "Wasted Years"

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