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Watch Four YouTubers Try To Write The Best Fake ALICE IN CHAINS Song

Ain't nothing but a heartbreak, folks.

Here's a premise for you – Alice in Chains go back in time to 1999, kidnap the members of Backstreet Boys Taken-style, and turn the pop song "I Want It That Way" into a super moody grunge classic. Sounds too good to be true, right?

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If this sounds like anything you'd want to hear, well, YouTuber Anthony Vincent has really outdone himself this time. The ace re-arranger tapped some of his international compadres (Steve Welsh, Mac Glocky, and Denis Pauna) for a tournament to see who can turn the Backstreet Boys hit into the best Alice in Chains-styled cover.

In all seriousness, though, the creativity of this group of musicians is off the charts. We won't spoil who the winner is—you'll have to watch the whole clip above to find out. But what we can say is that each of the covers really do tap into the Alice in Chains spirit.

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