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CCC Sick New World

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Watch: COAL CHAMBER Played Their First Show Since 2015

The crowd went nuts.

Coal Chamber played their first show since August 2015 at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, NV last night, May 13. The band sounded absolutely killer, the crowd was very clearly into it, and this was their setlist:

  1. "Loco"
  2. "Big Truck"
  3. "Fiend"
  4. "Rowboat" (Flood cover)
  5. "Oddity"
  6. "Something Told Me"
  7. "Sway"

On their reunion, Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara recently said he felt the band's original reunion was premature, and that he's stoked to get back out there.

"I said this to the label: We were ten years too early. If Rivals came out now, not only would the band have had their shit together more — including the other guys. And I'm sober now, off alcohol since 2016 and we'd be releasing that now behind a tour with Mudvayne. Oh fuck. That record would go through the roof. We were ten years too early on that. I think it's perfect timing to get back to it.

"I certainly don't want to try it in my '70s. I want to do it now while we look good. We feel good. If you look at those guys, they haven't aged. If you look at Nadja [Peulen, bass], she's as beautiful as ever and an amazing bass player. In two weeks, I get in the room with them to jam.

"Look, Sick New World is only a 30-minute set. I told them, 'You better break a sweat in the first minute and a half. We better kill.' That's the thing I've always had and Coal Chamber, specifically, is 'go after it.' Go after the band that goes on before you and the band that goes after you must pay the dues. Meegs [Miguel Rascon, guitar], Mike [Cox, drums] and Nadja still have it.

"Mike wrote me this morning when he found out it was a 30-minute set, it was 14 pages of 'Ha-ha-ha-ha, kill it! Ha-ha-ha-ha, destroy!' I started laughing when Anahstasia showed it to me. It's on. I'm excited about playing music with both of my bands. I'm excited to be alive. I'm excited to release an autobiography, and I'm excited to be here still. I'm humbled to be able to have this long of a career.

"I wake up every day, before I grab my phone and take my first breath, I say, 'Thank you. This is great. I could have died in my sleep last night.' That's where I'm coming from right now."

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