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VOSH Drops New Album, Streams Gothy New Single "Bleed As One"

Get a little grimmer today.

Vosh is here to darken your day up big time with their latest single "Bleed As One." The single draws from early Ministry and Depeche Mode as much as it does Sisters Of Mercy and Killing Joke, drawing an overall blood-soaked and monochrome picture. At least there are roses, right?

"'Bleed As One' changed its shape many times," said Vosh frontwoman Josephine Olivia. "For a while we weren't sure if it would make the cut of the album, but it ultimately became one of our favorites. Carson Cox worked with us on this one, so it's obviously a winner. It's a ballad, a love song, but it's up to the listener to decide how it speaks to them. Instrumentally, we wanted it to rise and fall. It feels more epic than the other songs, a real storyline that the listener can follow sonically."

Vosh's new album Vessel is out now. The album was mixed by Vosh's own Chris Moore and Olivia with help from engineer Kevin Bernsten, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Tribulation, Russian Circles, etc).

On the album, Olivia offered the following: "In a lot of ways, the process of creating, Vessel, became our safe haven when our lives felt out of control. I think we all feel that it kept us grounded and secure when so much was uncertain. It became a conduit for our energy, and we're grateful for that.

"We would spend most of our days just messing with different synth and drum sounds, experimenting with vocals and working out what resonated with us. Throughout it, our sound and the concept for what the album would become, grew. The mood of the music morphed many times, but we discovered that being open to change, being flexible and curious is rewarding. Being able to finally put our hands on a tangible piece of art that we created feels really incredible."

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