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Quest For Nothing

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VOIVOD's AI-Generated Video For "Quest For Nothing" Is Unsettling

Welcome to the future.

If there's one band whose sound fits the look of an AI video, it's Voivod. The band teamed up with Above The Void for the unsettling clip, which drummer Michel "Away" Langevin said blew him away completely the first time he saw it. And we can see why – this thing is mesmerizing in a really crazy way.

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"When AI art started appearing online a few months ago, my jaw dropped to the floor. When Luc Leclerc, the webmaster for Voivod, showed me what he could do with AI animation, my jaw dropped to the basement! His video perfectly captures the dystopian side of the music and lyrics for 'Quest For Nothing.' Hold on tight to your seat and enjoy!".

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