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Photo by Michael Ximenez

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VOIDSCAPE (REPLICANT, TOMBS) Streams Scathing New Single "The Unsaved"

Heavy and very worth your time.

Voidscape, the band featuring guitarist Rob Torres, drummer Justin "Ninja" Spaeth (Tombs, Abacinate), and frontman Michael Ximenez (Replicant, Windfaerer). Voidscape is here to shatter your eardrums with their new single "The Unsaved". Coupled with an equally dark music video from Ximenez, "The Unsaved" is brutal through and through.

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"'The Unsaved' is about breaking free from the cage of indoctrination and the cognitive dissonance that results from shattering your former worldview," said Ximenez. "The mind-numbing effects of propaganda extinguish one's potential to evolve."

Voidscape's debut album Odyssey Of Spite is out now and available here. Voidscape will also play their first live show this Saturday, April 29 in South Hackensack, NJ with Darkness Descends, Thanatotic Desire, Sleepless Empire, and Of The Light.

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