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VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF #7 Indian Feast Of The Gods

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This is a complete instruction on how to make 3 different indian dishes.

1) Mung Bean Dal (really any dal) – These are Indian style lentils. Basically its like an indain mushy bean paste that goes great over rice or with an indian bread

2) Vegetable Pakoras – These are indian spices vegetables breaded and deep fried. They are incredible. You will not believe how good the Broccoli pakoras are until you taste one. Also included are onion and sweet potato pakoras.

3) Aloo Palak – This is an indian spinach and potato dish. Add a whole lot of earth balance (vegan butter substitute) or a rich oil like safflower oil at the end to give it a really rich and oily taste. This is kinda a Ghee (Clarified Butter) substiute that I use with indian cooking.

I was going to make parathas or nann with this since I eat almost every single indian meal with them. However this was getting to be a huge feast as it is and the pakoras can almost be like a bread substitue if you dip them in the other foods.

If you do not know about indian cooking or indian breads in general… go to a restaurant now or try this at home. You are missing out in life.

Posted by Metal Injection on January 30, 2013 at 11:31 am

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