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Tribulation 2023

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TRIBULATION Streams "Axis Mundi," Announces New EP

Hamartia is coming soon.

Tribulation is now streaming "Axis Mundi," their first-ever song written by new guitarist Joseph Tholl. And if this is what Tholl is going to continue to bring to the band in the future, then please – let the man write more.

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"'Axis Mundi' sees Tribulation entering The Machine Age through the lens of dystopian fiction in a journey to the centre of the world, and beyond," said Tribulation guitarist Adam Zaars.

"Being the first composition by Joseph Tholl, it offers the listener and the viewer a new set of flavours and hues to the palate, and from the palette that constitutes the egregore that is Tribulation. A new year calls for a fresh start, so please consider making this a part of the soundtrack to yours."

The video for "Axis Mundi" was produced by Johan Bååth in collaboration with Astrid Bergdahl. Tribulation will release their new EP Hamartia on April 7, with pre-orders available here.

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