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THE EVER LIVING Release A Cinematic Masterpiece For "New Mutiny"

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THE EVER LIVING Release A Cinematic Masterpiece For "New Mutiny"

A fascinating video for a fascinating new band

I love when bands go above and beyond with their visual and artistic assets that lend another dimension to their music. Such is the case with London-based cinematic metal artists, The Ever Living, and their latest offering, "New Mutiny", which can be found on their debut album Herephemine available on May 4th via Chromism Records. An album with a concept, that could very well serve as the next Hollywood blockbuster.

The video tells the story of a kid from a rich family who spends his days watching his family sitting around immersed in a virtual reality platform known as the Herephemine system. Feeling so strongly that he wants to create rather than consume, he escapes from home and wanders through the city where he joins a group of young creators and ends up co-directing a video for The Ever Living before trouble arrives in the form of an enforcement officer who is hunting him down.

The band comments on the creation of the video:

"I felt like I had a lot to say so there are a few things going on in the video, from the feeling of wanting to create than to consume to the reality of artists having to do a lot more for a lot less for an audience who want everything for free. Setting it in the near future and using technology as a device is a way of exaggerating those concerns."

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