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THE CRANBERRIES' "Zombie" As A DEFTONES Song Is A Different Kind Of Sad

A more longing kind of sadness.

The Cranberries released their famous protest song "Zombie", which detailed the 30-plus year conflict named The Troubles in Northern Ireland, as a single from their No Need To Argue record in 1994. But what if that same song were written by Deftones and released on their White Pony record instead?

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Obviously that wouldn't have happened considering Deftones didn't live through the same things that The Cranberries did, but still – YouTuber and cover mastermind Anthony Vincent is here to reimagine the song in exactly that style. The cover adds a different, more longing type of sadness to Dolores O'Riordan's urgent lyrics, as does most of Deftones' music that isn't trying to groove you into the ground.

Check it out above, and check out a few other Vincent classics below:

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