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The Contortionist 2022
Photo by Brett Cullen

Live Footage

THE CONTORTIONIST Announces Live Album Vinyl Box Set

It's six vinyl and it's pretty extensive.

The Contortionist has released a new vinyl box set titled Retrospective: Live From Atlanta. The box set spans six vinyl that compiles all three livestreamed Contortionist shows from 2021. Get it here. The box set runs as follows.

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Set 1: The MNRK Heavy Set

  1. "Early Grave"
  2. "Reimagined"
  3. "Follow"
  4. "Geocentric Confusion"
  5. "Flourish"
  6. "1979" (The Smashing Pumpkins cover)
  7. "Integration"
  8. "Thrive"
  9. "Solipsis"
  10. "Language I: Intuition"
  11. "Language II: Conspire"

Set 2: Clairvoyant

  1. "Monochrome"
  2. "Godspeed"
  3. "Reimagined"
  4. "Clairvoyant"
  5. "The Center"
  6. "Absolve"
  7. "Relapse"
  8. "Return To Earth"
  9. "Monochrome (Pensive) "

Set 3: Exoplanet & Intrinsic

  1. "Primal Directive"
  2. "Oscillator"
  3. "Flourish"
  4. "Geocentric Confusion"
  5. "Causality"
  6. "Vessel"
  7. "Solipsis"
  8. "Axiom"
  9. "Exoplanet I: Egress"
  10. "Exoplanet II: Void"

"When we initially conceived this project, our objective was to give something to our fans amidst the inability to physically perform to a live audience," said guitarist Cameron Maynard. "As it turns out, we were so happy with the end result that we thought it would only be appropriate to release in a more tangible way.

We have always wanted to release a box set like this, and after seeing some original ideas for the art, we knew it had to be done.”

"Although the motivation for this project was born out of uncertainty and cancellations, the opportunity to perform and create the definitive musical artifact for this band's history became a silver lining," added keyboardist Eric Guenther.

"To me, this is years of work finally realized, and thanks to our fans' response, we were able to make this project timeless with a proper release. This is the best representation of The Contortionist to date, and to us, the recording that defines the identity of this band and how we sounded in the first 10+ years.

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"Thanks to our fans for making this band real. Also, we can't wait to share what we have been working on."

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