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You Can't Bring Me Down

Live Footage

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' MIKE MUIR Fell Off Stage During "You Can't Bring Me Down"

Surely you see the humor in this.

Suicidal Tendencies vocalist Mike Muir fell off stage during the band's performance of the 1990 track "You Can’t Bring Me Down", and the joke basically writes itself. The fall happened during Suicidal Tendencies' September 23 show in Ontario, CA and yes – Muir is fine.

Muir even addressed the fall in good spirits after the song was over, telling the crowd "Like I showed you. Even I go down, but you get your ass back up." Muir has now entered the pantheon of "people who fell off stage during songs that referenced falling," where he joins Mudvayne's Chad Gray and his "Not Falling" debacle.

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