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Someone Reimagined GHOST's "Mary On A Cross" As A '90s MTV Unplugged Track

It's actually pretty good.

Ghost's 2019 single "Mary On A Cross" all of a sudden blew up this year thanks to going viral on TikTok… but what if it came out over 20 years ago? YouTuber Holeway Studios has taken "Mary On A Cross" and reimagined it as if it were performed on MTV's Unplugged, complete with a slightly lower tuning and a fake crowd. The end result is actually pretty cool, and now we need Ghost to do an acoustic live album.

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Ghost's "Mary On A Cross" was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America earlier this year. For those unaware, Gold status in RIAA certifications means the single has sold over 500,000 copies, or acquired the streaming equivalent of 500,000 copies.

The popularity of "Mary On A Cross" was mostly thanks to a recent TikTok viral moment that Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge didn't even know about until his daughter told him. "I think it was my daughter who spotted it first. She said, 'I heard Mary On A Cross on TikTok,'" said Forge. She's done that before with other songs. Then I was summoned to a label meeting and they were like, 'Are you aware of what's going on?', and they started presenting stats."

"Mary On A Cross" is from the Ghost 7" Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic released in September 2019, which featured the aforementioned hit and "Kiss The Go-Goat." The 7" was exhumed from Ghost's "1969 archives" and were two songs recorded by Papa Nihil's band prior to Ghost, according to the lore.

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