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Rach Karma


Singer Tries Out For American Idol With DIO's "Holy Diver," Judges Aren't Into It

At least Lionel Richie was cool about it.

Vocalist Rach Karma gave American Idol a shot with a cover of Dio's heavy metal classic "Holy Diver" and the judges weren't too into it. Karma took the news with a smile on her face, while the two non-Lionel Richie judges made some pretty cringey jokes and faces. As for Karma, her audition was as spirited (vocally and physically) as it could've possibly been. The acoustic guitar backing probably didn't help, but hey – it's not like this was an audition in a professional studio. It's American Idol.

Then all of a sudden, the segment launches into a story (with photos) of how Richie and Rob Zombie are actually buds in real life which takes longer than the actual audition. Weird choice by the editors, but at least it delays Katy Perry yelling "HOLY DIVER" at the end there and Luke Bryan feigning having no idea about "Holy Diver."

Still, Karma was thankful for the experience as she's posted on her Instagram. If you'd like to hear Karma's voice for more than about 15 seconds, she's got a band called Nevermøuяи who's music is available here on Bandcamp.

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