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SHYLMAGOGHNAR Streams Melodic New Single "Follow The River"

The Dutch strike again.

Dutch melodic black metal act Shylmagoghnar will release its third album Convergence on November 10, and is now streaming the first single "Follow The River". Much like the previous two album (which you need to check out), "Follow The River" is a sprawling almost-nine-minute track that'll transport you to a whole different world.

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"Dear listeners, friends, family," said Shylmagoghnar mastermind Nimblkorg. "Finally I get to break the silence on Shylmagoghnar's upcoming 3rd album, Convergence.

"On a journey of death, the protagonist awakens in a surreal world. Are the things he is seeing real, or merely the machinations of a dying brain? It doesn't matter now. All that he knows is that he must follow the river."

Pre-orders for Convergence are available here. And if you're asking yourself what the hell a Shylmagoghnar is, Nimblkorg offered the following explanation in the comments of the new song:

"Since quite a few of you may have never heard of this project, chances are that you are wondering: 'What the $@&( is a Shylmagoghnar? Can I eat it?' So let me alleviate your initial shock and confusion by answering those questions in advance:

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"Shylmagoghnar is a word that former founding member Skirge and me (Nimblkorg) came up with during our teens. The both of us chose two syllables which we felt held a specific significance to us personally. Think of a meditative chant, or an incantation. The syllables chosen were Shyl, Nar, Ma and Gogh. We tried several combinations, but kept summoning netherforms by accident, so we ended up going with the safest option.

"The proper pronunciation in English is: Shyl sounds like shield, ma, gogh sounds like gog, and nar. [Shiel-ma-gog-nar]. And to answer whether you can eat it: it's been keeping me alive since 2014, so I think so?"

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