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SEPULTURA Unleashes Thrashy New Song "Isolation"

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Sepultura recently played a new song called "Isolation" live at Rock In Rio and unveiled the artwork for their coming record Quadra. Now the band has unveiled the studio version of "Isolation," complete with footage from that very same performance, and has given Quadra a February 7 release date.

Here's what guitarist Andreas Kisser had to say about the video.

"The video was created by using the footage of the performance we did at the Rock In Rio festival last October. It was the world premiere of the song 'Isolation', which is a straight-forward trash track with an epic intro. Also we presented the new cover and the name of the album Quadra to an amazing crowd of 100,000 people, a magical and historical moment in our career. I'm so glad we had filmed the performance and now we are ready to show the world. The Quadra cycle begins!"

Given how good "Isolation" is and how good Sepultura's 2017 record Machine Messiah was, I'm pretty stoked for Quadra!

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