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RUBY THE HATCHET Returns With Hard Rockin' New Single "Thruster"

Fear Is a Cruel Master is out this October.

Ruby The Hatchet will release their new record Fear Is A Cruel Master on October 21 and is now streaming the debut single "Thruster." And while the music of course kicks ass, the music video follows the murderous exploits of a biker gang n the style of a '70s B-movie in glorious Technicolor. So go get your bellbottoms, dammit.

"Between the band fleshing it out, and Owen and myself doing double duty with vocal writing, 'Thruster' was a no-brainer for the first preview of our new album," said vocalist Jillian Taylor. "Its gallop beat and menacing guitar riff immediately had me envisioning something ominous.

"We all love old campy horror and sci-fi, and have come to picture our music videos as fun short films that should be representative, but not taken too seriously. After re-watching a lot of Grindhouse, creating a storyboard for those visions, and assembling the perfect crew to pull it off (Hayden Hall, Ben Mazz, Don Vincent Ortega, and some of our most badass motorcycle riding friends), all of this came to life (and, as you'll see, death) in a super fun and uniquely Ruby way."

Pre-orders for Fear Is A Cruel Master are available here.

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