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REMISSION Rages Through And Through On New Single "Castor"

If you like Sylosis, you'll like this.

Western Australian band Remission is here to plow through your headphones like a dumptruck full of anvils, thanks to their new single "Remission". The single comes alongside a music video filmed on tour with Arch Enemy, while the single itself is from the band's forthcoming album Impermanence.

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"Thematically, 'Castor' delves into the idea of not knowing one's own power," said Remission vocalist and guitarist Jacson Robb. "How the human psyche has the capacity to both take a detrimental hold in moments of weakness, and also overcome such moments to become stronger and uncover the true power that lies within the mind – metaphorically depicted by a tale between the two well-known celestial and mythical beings Castor and Pollux.

"Written in a manner that displays both an innate jealousy from the mortal Castor towards his brother's bestowed divinity, and a perspective of reassurance and guidance from Pollux. Set against a sonic background that balances aggression and melody, the instrumentation provides a perfect foundation from which this story flows.”

Impermanence will be out sometime this June via Blood Blast Distribution.

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