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Rattlesnake Venom 2022

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RATTLESNAKE VENOM TRIP Drives Forward With "Dead Empire"

Feat. members of Twelve Tribes, Mouth of The Architect, and Neon Warship.

Rattlesnake Venom Trip is here to drive their particular brand of metal right into your brain with their new single "Dead Empire." The song is catchy as much as it is windmilling worthy, and comes alongside a music video directed by Kyle Moore.

"'Dead Empire' is about getting older and seeing that life has passed you by," said frontman Kevin Schindel. "Pouring all your time and effort into your work and realizing you don’t have anything to show for it at the end. The video is capturing you looking back at yourself with heavy judgment and wishing to change your outcome. If only you could warn yourself somehow."

"Dead Empire" is off the coming Rattlesnake Venom Trip record Dead Empire due out October 19. The album was recorded by Micah Carli of Hawthorne Heights and mixed by Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage.

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