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PUNCHING MOSES Pays Homage To A Horror Classic With New Single "Escape The Mausoleum"

Specifically Phantasm from 1979.

Punching Moses is now streaming "Escape The Mausoleum" from their upcoming record Live Short And Suffer, due out March 8. The song and video pay homage to the 1979 horror classic Phantasm, while the riffs pay tribute to getting your ass kicked in the pit.

"'Escape The Mausoleum' is an homage to the movie Phantasm," wrote Punching Moses. "The song describes the unearthly journey the dead make to ultimately become the Tall Man's tiny slaves on his planet. All of this it taken from the point of view of Mike, the main character in the film who has to navigate the house of the undertaker and of course 'Escape The Mausoleum'!"

"The video however has little to do with that, because you know… we're nutty over here. The video is a murder mystery blended within a live show that basically brings together past members of the band who are slowly killed off by who appears to be Tony Erba (the newest band member formerly of 9 Shocks Terror, Face Value, Amps II Eleven) with a little smattering of one of our favorite subjects, substance abuse.

"The storyline was just something fun to do that would take viewers on some sort of visual journey instead of just having Phantasm movie clips or simple live band shots. Everything was written and performed by Punching Moses with a lot of creative help from Sean Bilovecky (Frayle) who shot, directed, and edited the entire thing."

Live Short And Suffer was recorded and mixed by The Lizard People, mastered by J.B. Van Der Wal, and given cover Art by Human Furnace (Ringworm). Pre-orders are available here.

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