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FFO: Between the Buried and Me, Good Tiger, The Contortionist...

Celebrity Metalheads

You thought Forest Whitaker being at a Bring Me The Horizon show was random? How about New Kid on the Block, actor, restaurant proprietor,...


The same brothers who really don't like Frankie Palmeri now have Lakeshore, which is pretty melodic.


Find out who you're missing out on featuring Demonic Resurrection, Skyharbor, Undying Inc, Zygnema, Systemhouse33, Inner Sanctum, Albatross, Kryptos, Goddess Gagged, Noiseware, Eccentric Pendulum,...


Despite it only being January, 2017 is shaping up to look pretty great in terms of rock and metal releases. We're getting a new...


FFO: Born of Osiris, The Faceless, Between the Buried and Me

Weekly Injection

This edition includes some EPs, some pre-Halloween-time spookiness, and more! To the metals...


The integration between progressive and deathcore/death metal has been fusing for the past few years and it seems the latest emerging bands are finding...


Since the release of their eighth LP, Coma Ecliptic, Between the Buried and Me have been kicking ass on the road. Over the span...

The FiX

Mastodon, Puscifer, Red Fang and more!


There is a lot of metal coming to Austin starting on Saturday


With multiple previous releases under their belt, the group consisting of vocalist Justin Matthews, guitarist Jason Goss, guitarist Matt Mielke, bassist Matt Arensdorf, and...


With three solid vocalists in their studio recording history, there's arguably one voice that can be considered the most definitively fitting for TesseracT. Not...

Earnings & Attendance

Who drew more people/money: Slayer or Smashing Pumpkins & Marilyn Manson?

Song Premiere

Between The Buried And Me have already showcased two tracks off their upcoming album, Coma Ecliptic. We've heard "Memory Palace," which clearly showed an evolution in the...


Critics and fans alike have had monstrous boners over Fallujah since they dropped last year's The Flesh Prevails. So it is no surprise to...

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