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Shocking Revelations

"He start of kind of harmonizing with me on the chorus, with this lower register melody."

Upcoming Releases

The album is a 20 song set recorded at Studio Gröndahl.

It's Just Business

We haven't checked in with Chris Fehn's lawsuit against Slipknot since the top of the year, and that's likely because there has been little...


"I'm not gonna sell pizzas and I'm not gonna drive for a [pizzeria]."

Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks. SKELETHAL – Sidereal Lifespan Primo French death from the 'Unveiling the...

Music Videos

Mr. Bungle is now streaming their thrashy, stomping new song "Eracist" alongside a fairly disturbing music video. The video was directed by Derrick Scocchera...

In The Studio

"We were able to make a really killer record."


The solo, raw, black metal act embraces the most demented parts of the genre on its newest album.

Full Album Stream

UK post-metal group Svalbard returns this week with their brand new album, When I Die, Will I Get Better? The title itself is a...

Music Videos

As with everything we've heard from Taylor's solo stuff so far, thia wouldn't be out of place on the radio.

Extreme of the Extreme

Sometimes you just need some happy go lucky, heavy folk tunes, don't you think? The world is super serious (read in Al Gore's voice)...


I am incredibly excited to talk to one of the biggest guests yet on the show, Adam "Edge" Copeland. We talk about how Edge...

Tour Dates

Dark Tranquillity have announced 2021 tour dates in the hopes that things in North America would have calmed down enough in a year to...


The song will also serve as the theme to the next WWE NXT Takeover event.

Metal Merch

Who doesn't want a candle that smells like ""a smoked whiskey fragrance?"

Upcoming Releases

You may recall that the very first (and third) Animals As Leaders album was produced by Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor. Well, good news for instru-metal...

Shocking Revelations

"It was like, 'We have to finish this. We have enough songs. They're done. Let's go.'"