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Music Videos

They cite Metallica and Gojira as their main heavy influences.

Music Videos

Multi-faceted Belgian Belgian dark metal outfit Emptiness is nothing short of fascinating, entertaining, and highly experimental. Reminiscent of 80s dark-wave, their third and final...

Music Videos

They were the winners of the 2019 USA Wacken Metal Battle.

Upcoming Releases

Presumably not for another single.

Kids In Metal

I swear I've seen this kid's moves before at a Tool concert. But, unlike this toddler, I assumed the person performing them was under...

Upcoming Releases

Did you miss Darkest Hour's epic online performance last September? Great news for fans of these heavy metal veterans: Titled Live In Lockdown – The...

Upcoming Releases

Genghis Tron recently announced that they have reunited and are working on their first new album since 2008. The band is in the studio with...

Upcoming Releases

Good news for fans of the Jesse Leach / Adam D. side project. Times of Grace, the band featuring the Killswitch Engage members, will be releasing...

Metal In The Mainstream

Not quite the mainstream publicity bands typically hope for.

Mashups & Covers

King Crimson's 74-year-old Robert Fripp and his 62-year-old wife, Toyah Willcox, went positively viral last week for their inspired cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman."...

Latest News

Transcending Obscurity is offering listeners 31 free tracks of everything from death metal and black metal to outright doom and sludge. The sampler features...

Upcoming Releases

Something to do with Lupercalia?

Music Videos

Progressive metal project TDW's new single "Sleepless Angels" forms an interesting juxtaposition of a relaxing and feelgood melody, paired with melancholic lyrics. Completely different...

Metal Crimes

Schaffer turned himself in to authorities at 3pm on Sunday, January 17.

Latest News

"He was trying to do drums and the volume of our record was going into his drum mics."

Back in the Day

"Especially when I went into the double bass section in 'Battery' at the end, and James was like, 'Fuck!'"

It's Just Business

Bandcamp initially introduced the model back in 2019.