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Yesterday, an interview with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt surfaced where he said he would absolutely not leave Exodus, and then shortly after Exodus announced...

Hand Ov Doom

It's been a while but the Hand ov Doom has finally returned from Maryland Deathfest. We're getting back to the grim, stark reality of...

Tour Dates

Of all the American festivals out there, the one that gets people talking the most lately seems to be Maryland Deathfest. And it makes...

Tour Dates

The festival organizers for the annual Maryland Deathfest have posted the following update regarding next year’s show, which will take place from May 23rd...

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The organizers for the annual Maryland Deathfest, which will take place May 26th and 27th at the Sonar in Baltimore, MD, have posted the...

Music Videos

Inter Arma have released an amazing surreal new music video for the track "Destroyer" from their 2013 album, Sky Burial. Catch the band on...

Upcoming Releases

Misery Index make misery less imminent with a new record announcement.

Humor of the Beast

Welcome to “Humor of the Beast,” a recurring series where we interview the funniest people about their favorite band, as well as the impact...

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"You won't be getting a full-length, but it's not going to be an EP, either."


Many of us metal fans have glacial sized chips on our shoulders. I know I did. My favorite bands' records aren't available in my...


Never has a band ever more truly lived by the mantra of "Play fast or die" than Bandit on Warsaw. Get in here for...

Song Premiere

The New York extreme metal quartet returns this August with a brand new album.


There's a lot of grindcore out there - what should you be listening to? Here's our top picks.


Simple, raw, straight ahead, and loud. These are just some of the descriptors that come to mind when spinning debut album Death By Burning...


As reported in most corners of the metalsphere last Monday, the van carrying members of Wormreich and Khaotika, who were supporting Kult of Azazel...


A look back at an uprising that captured the spirit of the heavy metal community a decade ago.

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The Drape's back on the occult black metal attack!

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The co-founder of Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Brutal Truth is over touring at 50.

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