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From The Jersey Devil to Batsquatch, we explore the possibly real life monsters that could be out there.

Metal Injection Livecast

We kicked this week's episode talking about the new Five Finger Death Punch song, a roach in Noa's bathroom, the terrible new movie Max....

Earnings & Attendance

How much money does a band make on the road? Billboard hopes to answer that question, somewhat, by providing gross sale reports in their...

Tour Dates

The New England Metal and Hardcore Fest is this April (full details here), and the road to the fest is paved with more tour...

Metal Injection Livecast

Things went down this episode! Both Sean and Monica were here and we started with Noa's virginity. We spent the first hour discussing Dave...


by Graham "Gruhamed" Hartmann I once read online that Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall’s style could be accurately compared to the sound of Elvis Presley being...

Tour Dates

Van's Warped Tour has spread it's wings in the last few years inviting heavier acts to be a part of the touring Summer festival,...

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