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After the release of their Language album, I became very much engulfed in The Contortionist universe, attending as many of their shows that I...

Weekly Injection

This edition includes bands that piss you off for some reason, a supergroup, bands meandering from their established sounds, and more! The the metals…


Although Clairvoyant is a bit less diverse and flamboyant than its predecessors (hell, even the cover is appropriately black and white), it’s probably the...

Music Videos

Namely "Language I: Intuition," "Language II: Conspire," "Contact, & "Geocentric Confusion"

Upcoming Releases

Three years later, it's time for some new Contortionist!

Music Videos

Michigan-based progressive death metal band Boreworm have left fans waiting for their long-awaited debut album for years now, but guitarist Mike Bielenda assures us new music is,...

Latest News

The Contortionist, Entheos, and sleepmakeswaves will continue on.

Tour Dates

Well, March to May. It's a really long tour.

Show Recap

2015's most solid progressive metal bill to date hit Sacramento, and I was there to gush about it.

Latest News

The Contortionist announce a new tour with prog groups Chron and Auras.

Tour Dates

The band release their concept album, Coma Ecliptic on July 7th.


Oh come on, how has nobody done this before?

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