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Mashups & Covers

The main event of last night's premiere of the Slay at Home monthly series was an incredible cover of the Megadeth classic "Holy Wars,"...

Shocking Revelations

"I think you have that backwards, and that Slash is actually a little more technical than I am."


"Against things like racism, homophobia, etc. So the invigorating clutch is holding onto somebody's throat, you know?"

Tour Dates

You'll have to provide your own weed smoke.

New Music

Zeal & Ardor has released a new song called "Tuskegee" off his new Wake of a Nation EP. The EP is dedicated to "Michael...

Tour Dates

Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, in case you forgot.

Injection Reflection

Make sure you check out the free concert series, Slay At Home, the first episode is insane! Here are this week's most trending stories...

Caption Contest

First thing's first: Last week's winner! Congratulations to CakeToothGrin, who had the best zinger: "You take a birthday boy… and put him in control."...

Metal Science

47% musicians have also been forced to look for work outside them music industry.


Punishing meta experts Yashira would have had an easy enough out if they decided to fold up shop and call it a day. In...

Live Footage

Dream Theater fans eat up the band's live albums, so they've announced their ninth(!) release in the live album realm, Distant Memories – Live in London. The album...

Bands and Booze

Safe to assume it will, in fact, be happening.


The experi-metal titans are back - pay attention to the details...

New Music

"'A Secret Kiss' is the final and lasting mark on the soul any human will feel when the lights have dulled."

Latest News

Ozzy Osbourne now has two young granddaughters who tested positive for COVID-19. His wife, Sharon Osbourne shared the update on the latest edition of...