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OVO Streams Relentlessly Dark New Single "Distillati Di Tenebre, Part 1"

The percussion alone will pummel you.

OvO will release their new record Ignoto, whose runtime closes out with the infinitely dark four-part track "Distillati Di Tenebre." We're streaming the first part of the song today alongside the equally dismal visuals conjured up by Sara Dresti.

"'Distillati Di Tenebre, Part 1' is the beginning of the collaboration between OvO and video artist Sara Dresti (@ex.favilla)," said the band. "This is a very dark track from a very dark album, and Sara has a very dark sight. She works at night, and somehow you can feel it.

"Sara will turn the whole album into a video project. So this is not only a commission, but a real artistic collaboration, where music and video are in a tight dialogue. As 'Distillati Di Tenebre' is a song in 4 parts, the whole video will come to its final form only when all the 4 parts will be released.

"The city. People. Animals. Night. An unsafe feeling. Everything seen through eyes that are not human."

Ignoto is out September 23. Pre-orders are available here and you can check out the band on Spotify here.

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