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Ov Sulfur
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OV SULFUR Streams "Earthen," Announces Debut Album

Featuring members of Light The Torch, Slaughter To Prevail, and more.

After a string of singles, Ov Sulfur has announced their debut album The Burden Ov Faith for March 24. The Burden Ov Faith features guest spots from Alex Terrible of Slaughter To Prevail, Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer, Howard Jones of Light The Torch, Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, and Lindsay Schoolcraft.

Ov Sulfur is now streaming the emotional new single "Earthen." Pre-orders for The Burden Ov Faith are available here.

"'Earthen' is about my nephew who died from cancer at 16," said vocalist Ricky Hoover. "After failed bone-marrow transplants, he decided to stop and let it take its course. It's about witnessing that and being there, holding him when he died. That song is very emotional for me…

"I was actually crying in the studio tracking vocals. We needed the video to capture the sheer tragedy of that situation to really underscore how unfair and unjust it is for any 'god' to put a child through something as awful as cancer."

"The guitar lead from this song is the first thing I wrote that ended up on the album, well over a year ago. The song came together quickly after that and has stayed very similar since. As such, it'll appeal to fans of the Oblivion EP, as well as the newer stuff we've been putting out, with the most obvious growth being Ricky's emotional singing and Leviathvn's super tasteful drumming. We're all really proud of this one."

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