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ORM "Ancient Echoes" Bends The Boundaries Of Black Metal

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ORM "Ancient Echoes" Bends The Boundaries Of Black Metal

It's dark, eerie, and unconventional.

If you haven't heard Denmark's Orm, and their beautifully majestic self titled debut, then I suggest you grab it now! It's an album unconventional for black metal, even in 2017, and blends everything from doom to groove in the workspace of ethereal music. Simply put, it's a must for any blackened music fan.

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You can grab your copy of Orm's self titled debut now, digital copies here, and physically copies here.

Orm comments on the video:

"The theme of the video and the track is the chaos created by the impossible unification of man and nature. Since the birth of mankind, we have battled constantly to subdue nature to our will, and we have succeeded to such a degree that our own conquest now threatens to destroy the very foundation of life as we know it."

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