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OF MICE & MEN Return with "Mushroom Cloud" That Makes You Go Boom!

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As I was watching this new Of Mice & Men music video, I couldn't help but think this song was tailor made for a movie trailer. Is there a new Fast & Furious coming out soon? It almost seemed like these guys were listening to a lot of early '00s Saliva for inspiration here. All kidding aside, the track is pretty fun.

"I was pretty young when I became aware of the danger of spending too much time in my own head," said singer/bassist Aaron Pauley. "My mind has never been a safe place for me to retreat to, and it's something I have to consciously deal with on a daily basis. 'Mushroom Cloud' is our visceral representation of how it feels to be trapped, how it feels to be cut down by your own inner voice, how it feels to have nowhere to hide, and how it feels to be someone with a mind that's as dangerous to themselves as the aftermath of an atomic weapon."

Posted by Metal Injection on May 3, 2019 at 11:10 am

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