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MO'YNOQ Streams Bloody Video For Latest Single "Penance"

Blackened and gross.

Mo'ynoq recently released their new record A Place For Ash, which all by itself is plenty unsettling. Now throw in their new video for "Penance" directed by The C.O.I.N. and you're in for a blistering, bloody, pretty fucked up good time!

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"We wanted to make something that would connect people to our music on a deeper level," said the band. "'Penance," ultimately, is a song about cleansing and absolution. Our friends in the C.O.I.N were able to use this to create a stunning piece of visual art.

"[We] conceived a narrative around a pioneer and its self-mutilating rite of passage," said The C.O.I.N. "A nightmare spectacle in one's pursuit of transcendence. They strived to visualize the unrelenting sonic assault of the music. Never letting the viewer escape the pioneer's violent transformation."

Grab a copy of A Place For Ash here.

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